Community FAQ | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier

Community FAQ

How do we become a Chicago Children's Museum community partner?

Chicago Children's Museum is proud to partner with local and national organizations and individuals to benefit families in Chicago and beyond. Partnerships include mutually beneficial relationships with community-based organizations, parents, teachers, children, artists, performers, service providers, institutional partners, and others.

If you're looking to partner with us, please contact . Many of our partners are community and educational organizations that serve low-income families and may be eligible for free field trips, bus grants, and discounted field trips. Check out our Free Field Trips and Discounted Field Trips pages for more information.

How does Chicago Children's Museum engage families who may not have access to the museum on their own?

Chicago Children's Museum's work with community partners allows us to provide unique access opportunities to under-resourced communities. The museum is committed to providing meaningful learning opportunities for families throughout Chicago by offering an array of free and discounted visit options for qualifying community and educational organizations who serve low-income families. This includes discounted family memberships, field trips, transportation, and more. Please check out our Free and Discounted Visits page to learn more.

Is there a way my family can visit the museum for a reduced or free price?

There are several ways your family can visit the museum for free or at a reduced price. Visit on a Target Free Family Night, every Thursday evening from 5-8pm, when admission is free for everyone. You can also visit on a Free First Sunday, when admission is free for children 15 and under. If you're a resident of Chicago, you can pick up a Kids Museum Passport at a local Chicago Public Library to gain free admission to Chicago Children's Museum and other Chicago museums!

How far in advance do I need to register my group visit?

You must register for your visit at least one month in advance. Whether you're booking a group field trip during Target Free Family Night or a field trip, keep in mind that we have limited timeslots for groups. For better chances of getting your visit reserved for the timeslot you want, please book as far in advance as possible. Request a field trip.

Will I receive a confirmation letter?

You will receive a confirmation letter and a field trip planner prior to your visit. Please print and bring the confirmation letter with you on the day of your visit for easy check-in.

Does Chicago Children's Museum have any educational resources that I can share with parents or other educators?

Absolutely! The museum encourages parents, teachers, and caretakers to support children's learning experiences. Our Resources encourage learning in many environments – at home, in the classroom, during out of school programs, and at the museum. Find activities that you can bring into the classroom, as well as resources that will prepare parents for their upcoming self-guided trip. Don’t forget to check out our Educator Exhibit Guide that we’ve developed for field trip groups.