Robot Day | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier

Robot Day

Robot Day - Sunday, July 24 from 12-4 pm

A festival for the ROBO-crazed of every age

We've partnered with FIRST Robotics to bring you Robot Day: a festival for the ROBO-crazed of every age. Young robot designers will lead hands-on tinkering and robotic demonstrations all afternoon.

FIRST Lego League Junior: Grades K-3

  • Construct your own robo-creation with the FIRST Lego League Junior team and learn their robot engineering trade secrets. This is the perfect introduction for the littlest science-minded younger.

FIRST Lego League: Grades 4-8

  • Robots built by the FIRST students will collect rings, shoot balls, move objects and overcome obstacles that require more complex programming. Visitors can cheer the robots on or try their hand at the basics of coding to control a robot.

FIRST Tech Challenge: Grades 7-12

  • This is where building and computer programming come together. Visitors can use a joystick to drive a robot around a playing field. See if you can get them to move smoothly across the floor. It will be the hardest fun you'll ever have!

FIRST Robotics Competition: Grades 9-12

  • Get up close and personal with big robot creations built by FIRST high school students. See how these robots combine the excitement of sports with the rigor of science and technology.

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