Kids Food Fest | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier

Kids Food Fest

The Creative Kitchen Kids Food Festival and Chicago Children’s Museum are hosting a day to celebrate healthy eating! Join us for a mix of activities that explore the fun of food!

  • Create an artful pattern using colorful fruit and vegetable stamps. Listen to food-inspired stories.
  • Play a round of “Food-O Bing-O” to learn fun facts about foods
  • Chart your favorite fruits and vegetables on a big bar graph in the Great Hall.
  • Draw a story about your favorite food or a special meal you helped make with your family

Participating families will receive a healthy food prize packet provided by The Creative Kitchen Kids Food Festival To-Go partners at Parents and FamilyFun magazines.

Get a taste of the festival with this kid-friendly recipe you can try at home!  

The Creative Kitchen Kids Food Festival To-Go is an extension of the annual Kids Food Festival, hosted in New York City. Chicago Children’s Museum participates in the Kids Food Festival To-Go as a partner in a four-month campaign across 10 United States children’s museums, supported by the Association of Children’s Museums.

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