Mathemania | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier



Daily in March and April 
11:15 am and 2:15 pm 

Children are natural mathematicians. They eagerly embrace math as they sort, count, measure, compare, match and problem solve in their everyday play. And that free-form fun translates into an early grasp of math concepts that builds lifelong math success! 

Throughout March and April, we're doing up math BIG—and small. Join us every day for different math activities calculated to inspire a love of math in every child. Here are some highlights: 

The same seven shapes can form a square, a cat or a sailboat. Solve a puzzle or create your own picture. 
Skill Sets: Geometry, spatial thinking 

Box Magic 
Turn a simple greeting card into a box with a lid. It's math magic at work! 
Skill Sets: 2D, 3D, diagonal, center, size, shape 

Make Your Own Play dough 
Measure, measure, mix, mix. Look – you just made play dough! Take home this easy recipe. 
Skill Sets: Counting, measuring, sequence 

Hammer Time 
Pound a pattern into a simple shape. Build spatial awareness and muscles, all at once.  
Skill Sets: Sets, attributes, shapes, patterns 

Flying Shapes 
Which shape flies the farthest? Test them out in our wind machine. 
Skill Sets: Shape, size, measurement, farther, closer, comparison, estimation 

Cents-able Crowns 
Measure the circumference of your head, and find out how many quarters it takes to make it
all the way around.  
Skill Sets: Number sense, measurement, comparing, adding 

Make a Pattern 
Use stamps to make a pattern, and see if others can crack the code to figure out what comes next.
Then switch places! 
Skill Sets: Making patterns, identifying rules 

Silly Pets in a Pen 
Learn geometry, sequence and counting when you connect all four sides of a square to claim a
home for your animal. 
Skill Sets: Shapes, counting, comparing, sets  

Fraction Action Pizzeria 
Imagine a pizza that’s bigger than you are. Today’s special features mouth-watering math play! 
Skill Sets: Fractions, matching, whole, part 

Funded by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation