Week of the Young Child | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier

Week of the Young Child

We are celebrating NAEYC'Week of the Young Child at the museum with special programming in Prtizker Playspace. There are different themes for every day of Week of the Young Child and we developed playful programs for each of them. Kids will love these fun activities that stimulate the full range of a every child's cognitive ability. Come in and celebrate Week of the Young Child with us. Full programming schedule below.

Music Monday! April 11

We're filling Pritzker Playspace with instruments perfect for the smallest musicians. Children will explore sound and rhythm as they play with drums, shakers and more. 

Taco Tuesday April 12

Taco Tuesday is all about healthy eating and although we will not have snacks for eating, we will have a sensory table filled with food related objects for kids to play with. Kids will love digging in dried beans, measuring with water, and sorting different seeds.

Work Together Wednesday April 13

Nothing brings friends and families together like building. For Work Together Wednesday we will have blocks all throughout Pritzker Playspace and encourage kids not only to build towers but also build bonds.

Artsy Thursday April 14

It's never too early to start expressing yourself through art. We're putting out shaving cream painting areas and chalkboards for a fun day of no-mess art exploration.

Family Friday April 15

We're setting up a family portrait studio! Strike a pose as a family and our staff will snap the photo for you. Share it out on social media and let everyone know you are celebrating Week of the Young Child at Chicago Children's Museum.