Forts | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier


Open through April 20, 2014

The ultimate fort-building experience returns!
Forts takes this favorite childhood pastime to a whole new level of fun, with everything you need to create a crazy, colossal or cozy space that’s all your own. At least until the next kid comes along!
An abundance of everyday materials, along with the unexpected—including upside-down tables, stairs to nowhere, headboards, doors and more—give kids the ingredients to build the forts of their dreams. Costumes, games and a plethora of props let them continue the adventures inside their new digs.
In Forts, you can channel your inner architect to construct a stakeout worthy of a super-sleuth. Blast off to the stratosphere in a roaring rocket ship. Or, forge a fort community inhabited by friends and family. The possibilities are endless, but fun is guaranteed. You can’t build ‘em like this at home!