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Membership Plus Parking

Plus Parking Membership

Plus Parking is an optional parking-included package that can be added to any Chicago Children’s Museum membership for an annual fee of $80. With a Plus Parking membership, CCM members can park at Navy Pier garages for FREE every time they visit the museum with their children. To add Plus Parking to a new, renewing, or current membership, stop by the Membership Desk on your next visit or call the Membership Hotline at (312) 464-7678.

Plus Parking Membership Information and Agreement

  • CCM’s Plus Parking benefit is specifically for parking during visits to Chicago Children's Museum with your children. It is not designed to accommodate parking independently of museum use.
  • Plus Parking Membership provides a maximum of one free parking-validation coupon per membership per day, subject to garage availability. The parking-validation coupon cannot be combined with any other parking offer, validation, or valet rate. Free parking validation is good ONLY for parking at the Navy Pier garage (600 E. Grand Avenue).
  • Parking-validation coupons are issued ONLY during the museum’s operating hours at the Membership Desk. The CCM Gift Shop cannot issue Navy Pier parking-validation coupons.
  • The Plus Parking benefit is non-refundable. In addition, any parking fees paid in the Navy Pier garage or at other garages are non-refundable.
  • The Navy Pier garage is first-come, first-served. Parking at another garage is at the member’s expense. There are no reserved spots for CCM members. On busy days (e.g., holidays, summer weekends, special events), the Navy Pier garage may fill up and temporarily close. On those occasions, Plus Parking-level members must either wait until Navy Pier security reopens the garage or park elsewhere at their own expense. Members are advised to arrive early on busy days and check for special events that may impact parking.
  • The Plus Parking benefit is valid for one year from purchase date, ONLY if the CCM membership remains active. The Plus Parking benefit expires when a membership expires, regardless of the Plus Parking purchase date.  For a two-year membership, the Plus Parking benefit expires either one year from the purchase date or upon the membership expiration date, whichever comes first.
  • Plus Parking-level members must show a photo ID each time they visit the museum. Membership benefits are not transferrable. Caregiver names must be pre-designated and included on the membership. Parking-validation coupons are only available to Plus Parking members, and the member or designated caregiver must be present to receive the parking-validation coupon.
  • Plus Parking-level members must present a same-day Navy Pier parking ticket at CCM’s Membership Desk to receive a parking-validation coupon. The Navy Pier parking-validation coupon must be redeemed on the date received. Do not pay for parking in advance.
  • CCM’s Plus Parking membership offer is NOT available to Navy Pier employees, MPEA employees officed at Navy Pier, Navy Pier vendors, or employees of Navy Pier merchants or tenants.