Exhibit Sales and Rentals

Chicago Children’s Museum’s exhibits are built to play.

Our experts in education, design, and child development have done the hard part for each experience we’ve created—we’ve researched it, developed it, tested it, and worked out the kinks.  

It takes us a year to design an exhibit that a child understands in a second—and can play in for hours, and revisit for years.  

Learn more how you can bring these hand-crafted, unique experiences into your space:

Skyline Tool Box

Skyline Tool Box provides a hands-on DIY experience with real hardware and tools that inspire visitors to create original structures—some big enough to walk inside. 

Each Skyline Tool Box includes: 

  • A building system that includes pre-drilled wooden struts and braces, hardware and tools, fabric curtain walls, and a variety of props.

  • Custom-made triangular braces that allow visitors to build large, stable structures.

  • A wheeled cart designed for easy access and portability.

Skyline Tool Box details: 

  • Best for ages 4 and up 

  • Requires a minimum of 500 square feet 

  • Price: $35,000 plus shipping 

A young girl smiles as she uses real Skyline Tool Box tools to build.
A group of 4 children work together to build a wooden structure with Skyline Tool Box materials.

Forts To Go

Forts To Go invites visitors to construct and play within their own special places, creating a world beyond what others can see, do, or build.  

Each Forts To Go exhibit includes:

  • Common materials for users to use in uncommon ways, including:

    • Blankets

    • Wooden doors

    • Tables and chairs

  • Hooks and fasteners to ensure stable fort building 

Forts To Go details:

  • Best for children of all ages (not to mention grownups)

  • Available in 3 options:

    • Mini (100-150 square feet)

    • Town (400-500 square feet)

    • City (800-1000 square feet)

  • Prices:

    • Mini: $16,000 plus shipping

    • Town: $27,000 plus shipping

    • City: $43,000 plus shipping

Blankets drape over chairs, couches, doors, and tables to create a large scale fort.
A young child and his mother work together to build their fort.

Tire Mountain

The funky, asymmetrical design of Tire Mountain invites both novice and experienced climbers to stretch, climb, conquer, problem-solve, and take safe risks.  

The Tire Mountain exhibit includes: 

  • Stacked tires that are accessible from all points (over, around, and through), with sections designed for guests who use wheelchairs. 

  • Rappelling ropes for climbers looking for an extra challenge. 

  • A bell at the summit to motivate and encourage climbers to keep going. 

Tire Mountain details:

  • Best for ages 2 and up

  • Requires a minimum of 800 square feet

  • Price: $26,000 plus fall protection and shipping

Children make their way up a giant stack of tires.
A successful climber rings the bell at the Tire Mountain summit.

Sensory play experiences

These small interactives can bring new life to an existing exhibit or add activity to an under-utilized space. 

Clay Head Table 

This interactive encourages self-expression and is a wonderful way to incorporate clay in an unstaffed setting. 


  • Good for children and grownups of all ages

  •  Measurements:

    • Length: 8'

    • Width: 2'6''

    • Height: 4' 

  • Price: $7,000 plus shipping 

Two desks (1 child-sized and 1 grownup-sized) are topped with mounds of sculptable clay, next to sets of chairs.

Sand and Light Table 

Our sand table offers a deeper sensory experience, with an illuminated design hidden under the sand. 


  • Best for toddlers 

  • Measurements:

    • Length: 4'6''

    • Width: 3'3''

    • Height: 1'5'' 

  • Price: $8,000 plus shipping 

A box filled with shimmering sand, shovels, and other toys is ready for toddlers to explore.

Tinkering Door 

A simple door becomes a captivating interactive to experiment with the sounds and feels of authentic hardware. This is a great way to add an activity for infants and toddlers to a maker space or construction experience. 


  • Best for infants and toddlers 

  • Measurements:

    • Length: 6'8''

    • Width: 3' 

  • Price: $5,000 plus shipping

A brown wooden door is outfitted with levels, strings, screws, and washers for little ones to experiment with.

Design consultation services

The education, exhibit, and design professionals at Chicago Children’s Museum are available to consult on your exhibit or project. Contact us for details.

Download our Built to Play brochure for more information on how to bring these experiences into your space.