Navigate Navy Pier Like a Pro | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier

Between Nov. 9 and Dec. 3, Level 1 of the West Garage will have limited parking due to construction.

There is still plenty of space — if you know where to find it! We have created this short guide to help you navigate the garage during this time and avoid the construction areas when parking.

Up up, all the way up!

To get into the garage you'll use the West Entrance, as always. Then follow the cones to guide you to the ramp and drive right up to the 5, 6, or 7th level. You may be higher up but there is almost always more parking available so you can snag a spot closer to the elevator. If it’s a nice day, go to up to level 7, you'll catch a view of the Chicago skyline as you head to the West Elevators.

Go west, always go west!

When it comes to parking and elevators at Navy Pier, west is best. After you park, play a game of I Spy with the kids to see who can find West Elevators sign first. Make your way over and take it down to level 1.

Take a short walk.

Once you exit the elevator, take a right and follow the hallway, known to insiders as the “South Arcade,” past the new restaurants and through the food court. In no time, you'll be at the museum escalator.

You made it!

It's that easy! It was just a few extra steps. Pop in the museum store if you're the elevator type. Want to avoid walking past the gift shops and candy stores? No problem — if it's a nice day you can walk outside and use our entrance on the Pier. Let us know any tips you have to navigate construction season at Navy Pier. Post on Facebook and Instagram and tag #seasonofconstruction.