10 Reasons to Come Out and Play | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier

10 Reasons to Come Out and Play

10 Reasons to Come Out and Play

1. We’re in it for the kids
The largest cultural institution in Chicago dedicated solely to children (ages 0-10), we specialize in creating experiences tailored for early learners. It takes us a year to design an exhibit that a child can understand in one second and play in for hours.

2. Supercharge their brains!
Learnin’ never felt so fun! With programming grounded in child development, education and accessibility, we provide visitors with the time, space, materials and freedom to ask questions, test ideas, take safe risks and observe the outcomes. That’s the proven power of active, meaningful play.

3. It’s easy
Booking doesn’t require much time, energy or commitment on your end. We’ll greet you at the front door, handle all the dirty work and even clean up afterwards! And if you ever have questions, just let us know. We’re here to help.

4. We’ve been at this for more than 30 years
Seriously, we’re good at it. Our expert staff designs programs that focus on safe, fun and creative ways to reinforce learning. And our Play and Learning Facilitators help encourage all children to jump in, take charge and have a blast.

5. Give your lessons a dose of WOW
Feel like you’re being tuned out? Get kids away from tests, screens and the same old routines with a hands-on, multifaceted, laugh-filled excursion that helps ignite the spark of lifelong learning.

6. Our kind of town
Located downtown on Lake Michigan amid Chicago’s skyline, our philosophy, space, staff and exhibits reflect—and are inspired by—our diverse community. A trip here exposes visitors to some of the greatest, most memorable aspects of this beautiful city and its people.

7. Tons for them (and you) to do!
Our space is a hands-on, expansive environment (three whole floors!) where kids can climb a colossal structure, build a skyscraper, ride a fire truck, dig for dinosaur bones, tinker with power tools, and plenty more — all in the first hour!

8. It’s a heck of a deal
Let’s face it, kids don’t carry a lot of cash. That’s why we work extremely hard to ensure that your group gets the Big City experience without paying Big City prices. We take pride in our field trip visitors getting a big bang for their buck.

9. Authenticity: let’s get real
We offer real opportunities to do real things with real stuff. Our exhibits highlight extraordinary uses for ordinary things, sparking inventive impulses throughout. We believe there’s a lot more to discovery than reading labels or pushing buttons.

10. Celebrate pure adventure
We offer a field trip like no other: a joyous, play-intensive day that helps cultivate a sense of wonder lasting well beyond your visit. Learning is a continuous journey—let’s enjoy the ride!