18 Ways to Be Creative | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier

18 Ways to Be Creative

  1. Draw! Make a “Draw-uary” for the month of January: Create a calendar with 31 slots. Draw something different for each day.
  2. Sculpt! Turn a cereal box inside out and create a building or robot. Add tubes, greeting cards, tape, string, newspaper, glue, and your imagination.
  3. Make up a story about an ogre, a superhero, fairy princess, zany prince, dog with magic powers, slice of stinky cheese, spider, lonely cellphone or whatever you want.
  4. Make a picture book of the story you made up.
  5. Assemble and name a new sandwich. Convince a grown-up to take a bite.
  6. Make new clothes for your toys. Duct tape, wrapping paper, and old clothes are great fashion design materials!
  7. Make a hiding place or secret fort in your living room. Throw a sheet or blanket over a table or a couple of chairs.
  8. Pretend the floor is hot lava. Make a “safe” trail of pillows, rugs or newspapers to use as stepping stones.
  9. Hide a stuffed animal. Give out clues to help people find it.
  10. Make yourself into someone else. Ask a grown up to borrow some make-up and clothes. Make a cape out of a towel or fabric.
  11. Give yourself imaginary powers. Do you want to walk through walls or make things move just using your mind?
  12. Take a mysterious, artistic photo of yourself. Cast spooky shadows by draping a piece of fabric over a lamp.
  13. Invent an imaginary animal. How many ears, legs, trunks, horns, eyes does it have? Is your beast big or tiny? Friendly, shy, or mean? What sound does it make? Give it a name.
  14. Have a conversation with a make-believe monster living under your bed.
  15. Create a kitchen band: Gather pans, bowls, and utensils to bang, tap, and strum! Use a phone to record, edit, and share your sound.
  16. Make up a song about a puppy that met a guppy, a dish that made a wish, a grump that loved to jump or something you love, hate or wish. Record it on a phone and share. Or not!
  17. Create a dance routine. Teach it to your friends and family.
  18. Come up with your own idea for being creative. Share your ideas and tag #ChicagoChildrensMuseum