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Exhibit Sales & Rentals

Looking to offer your visitors dynamic new exhibit experiences? Check out CCM's highly-marketable child-centered exhibits for sale and/or rent. CCM’s innovative exhibits are founded on the universal pursuits of childhood, the timeless, intuitive, broadly-themed activities children everywhere need and love to experience—regardless of gender, ethnicity, or environment.

Every experience CCM offers was developed in-house by a professional team of exhibit developers, early childhood educators, and content experts. With over 30 years of experience in the field, these exhibits are sure to help your museum attract, engage, delight and challenge visitors of all backgrounds, abilities and interests.

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For more information please contact:
Amy Spar
(312) 464-7683

Tire MountainTire Mountain

Stretch. Climb. Conquer.

Good for kids

  • Don’t just talk about health, invite visitors to work up a sweat
  • Appeals to novice and experienced climbers.

Challenging for many ages and interests

  • Tire Mountain’s funky, asymmetrical design invites problem-solving and imaginative adventure as well as various ways to climb and take “safe risks.”
  • Provides levels, nooks, and nests to inhabit.

600-800 sq. ft.
Buy: $25,000

Tool Box

Tool Box

Design. Engineer. Construct.

Good for kids

  • Tinkerers play with physics and engineering in the 3D world.
  • No “script” means creative possibilities are endless.

Special Features:

  • Visitors have easy access to real wood struts (4 sizes) which store neatly on the wheeled cart.
  • Authentic nut drivers, washers and bolts store neatly in specially designed tool boxes.
  • Slanted back of box feeds bolts back into top hardware drawer to replenish supply.
  • Includes giant magnet for easier clean-up of bolts and washers.

500 sq. ft. each
Buy: $34,000