Forts | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier



In Forts, normal house rules don’t apply.

We’ve built the ultimate fort-building experience, complete with hooks, knobs, upside down tables, countless blankets and pillows, and more. Forts is your living room reimagined as a fort-building paradise—and best of all, we’ll take care of the mess.

When you’re here, you can stop worrying about the clean-up and finally say:

Our customized blankets are designed for fort-building with loops and hooks for easier hanging and draping.

We have dozens and dozens of pillows and cushions—stack them as high as they can go.

Our space isn't your average living room—we've made the familiar unfamiliar.

Nothing in our space is off limits for fort building-we've even taken doors off their hinges.

Put a stool on the couch or flip the table upside down—build the fort you've always imagined.