Zoom Room | Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier

Zoom Room


Get ready for high-octane fun! Zoom Room puts kids in the driver’s seat as they send toy cars hurtling through the curves, loops, dips, and crash sites of a colossal, multilevel race course.

Developed and designed by Chicago Children’s Museum, Zoom Room features hundreds of toy cars and more than 40 tracks of every length, height and angle, including two bi-level crash courses. It’s the ultimate toy car experience— for children and adults.

Physical Science in Action

See how the twists and turns of a 20-foot-long track impact a car’s speed and distance. Discover which combination of force and elevation makes for the longest jump. Predict how friction and track shape affect acceleration. Coordinate the timing and release of your car to cause a spectacular, multi-car collision.

Zoom Room features:

More than 40 tracks, up to 20-feet long and 12-feet high

Hundreds of toy cars in all shapes and sizes

Loops, jumps, dips and drops—and ramps you can manipulate yourself

Giant, bi-level crash sites

Opportunities to test, race and challenge your friends

Image Credits | Videos by: C. Dallas Golden at Pond Ripple Media