Play Late Thursdays

Jump start your weekend with Play Late Thursdays at Chicago Children’s Museum. 

Every Thursday from 4 to 8 pm, families and groups of up to 4 people can access all CCM has to offer for $14.95. And if your crew is more than 4, each extra person only pays $5 each. 

Play Late Thursdays feature rotating family fun nights.  

Game Nights: first and last Thursdays of every month 

Join us on the first and last Thursday nights for games you know—but not how you’re used to them. We’ll be featuring large-scale versions of old favorites like Simon Says and Musical Chairs—done CCM-style.  

Arts and Culture Programs: second and third Thursdays of every month  

Join us on the second and third Thursdays when we transform our Great Hall into a kiddie-style cabaret with performance-focused programs that put your little one center stage, including: 

  • Open mic nights with guest MCs to run the show 

  • Themed dance parties for the whole family 

  • Kid-friendly and kid-starring performances 

Please see the Program Calendar for more information.

Experience everything CCM has to offer for less than the cost of a family dinner.