Sound Playground

Ends Sept. 8!

Make sound, feel sound, hear sound, see sound. Sound Playground lets little ones (and curious grownups) explore all things sound—how we make it, what it feels like, and how we learn from it.

Pluck, strike, and pump one-of-a-kind sound makers like:

  • Big Boom: a custom designed, 6-foot drum

  • String Thing: a giant, pluckable instrument

  • Airophone: stacked bottles with air pumps

Create sounds and tell stories with surprising sound makers like:

  • Clopping coconuts

  • Thunderous metal sheets

  • Singing shakers

Listen closely and learn about cause and effect with everyday sound makers like:

  • Buckets and fans

  • Typewriters and phones

  • Record players and zippers

A Chicago Children's Museum staff member teaches a little boy to play a marimba with mallets
School-aged children concentrate as they listen to sounds coming through flexible tubes