Board of Directors

Chicago Children’s Museum’s Board of Directors is a group of committed volunteers who contribute their leadership, talents, support, and time to further the museum’s mission of creating a community where play and learning connect.

Jeffery S. Perry - Chair
Rex Sessions - Secretary
Gerald Saltarelli - Treasurer
Robert F. Barnett - Past Chair

Linda Barham
Jodi Block
Blakely Bundy
Paramita Das
Frank J. Favia
Chad Feingold
Stacie M. Frank
Bradley Gauntlett
Karen G. Harrison
Russ Ivinjack
William J. Kelley, Jr.
Robert Laughlin
Michael Leong
Todd Lippman
Barbara Goodman Manilow
Ashley Hemphill Netzky
Charlene Huang Olson
Dr. Nicholas A. Pearce
Teresa Poggenpohl
Steven E. Porter
Jennifer Prewitt
Larry D. Serota
Allison Steigleder
Jennifer Vachon
Thad Wong
Thomas Zidar
Ronna Zoll

For more information about our Board of Directors, please contact us.

Board of Advisors

Chicago Children’s Museum’s volunteer Board of Advisors provide a broad range of expertise to enrich the work of the museum and build meaningful partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Jason Coleman and Elory Rozner - Co-Chairs
Tony Raden - Past Chair
Jennifer Asimow
George Aye
Jennifer Husbands, Ph.D.
April Janney
Sokoni Karanja
Jim Lasko
Rabiah Mayas
Hugh Musick
Suzanne Muchin
Geoffrey Nagle
Jordan Sadler
Reshma Shah

For more information about our Board of Advisors, please contact Natalie Bortoli at (312) 464-7699 or contact us.

Auxiliary Board

Meggan Friedman - Co-President
Caroline Hammond - Co-President
Heather Adkerson
Melissa Anderson
Ellenna Berger
Nicole Bossert
Emily Goldin
Colleen Kelly Gomos
Catherine Hollander
Kristin Larson
Christine O’Neill
Carly Warren
Chad Wells
Heather Zimmerman

For more information about our Auxiliary Board, please contact us.

Metropolitan Board

The Metropolitan Board of Chicago Children’s Museum is a volunteer group of young professionals focused on building awareness, volunteerism, attendance, and financial support for the museum.

Megan Clower - Co-President
Ruthie Neumeier - Co-President
Leslie Venetz - Co-President
Lyndsey Ager - Immediate Past Chair
Dana Amin
Kristin Calaguire
Ivy Forester
Lindsay Hearn
Elizabeth Hirschtritt
Emilie Neumeier
Nicholas O’Conner
Patrick Russo
Jeffrey Spetter
Founders Council
Michael Masters
Jonathan Mirkin
Jason Pritzker
Larry Serota
Michael Shiff
Alex Zamiar

For more information about joining our Metropolitan Board, please call (312) 464-7714 or contact us.

Past Chairman’s Council

Herbert C. Altholz
Robert F. Barnett
Prudence R. Beidler
Mary A. Boyer
Marilyn Eisenberg
Philip L. Harris
Karen G. Harrison
Gigi Pritzker Pucker
Desiree G. Rogers