Membership FAQ

What membership levels and benefits does Chicago Children’s Museum offer?

View our different membership options.

How do I sign up for or renew a membership?

You can sign up for and renew a membership online, in person, or over the phone at (312) 464-7678.

How long will it take for my membership card to arrive?

We now provide digital membership cards! Please allow up to 48 hours for your card to be emailed to you.

What if I want to visit Chicago Children’s Museum or a reciprocal museum before my card arrives?

Once your membership application is processed, your membership will be active in our database, even if your card hasn’t been emailed yet. Simply bring a photo ID when you visit CCM, and we will look up your account.

Reciprocal museums do not have access to your membership information. If you have purchased a Chicago Children’s Museum membership and decide to visit a reciprocal museum prior to receiving your card, please have someone from the reciprocal museum’s admissions staff call our Membership Desk at (312) 464-7678 during our hours of operation, and we will confirm your Chicago Children’s Museum membership.

I would like to receive paper membership cards. How do I get them?

Members can order paper membership cards for a $5 fee or check in using a valid photo ID. Membership cards can be ordered at the Admissions Desk or via telephone at (312) 464-7678.

I need to have my membership card emailed to me again. What do I do?

Please email us at or call (312) 464-7678.

Will I receive the same benefits at reciprocal museums as I do at Chicago Children’s Museum?

Each museum sets its own policies. We recommend you call ahead for information regarding hours of operation, parking, and the number of free or discounted admissions allowed per membership.

I am a member of a reciprocal museum. What member benefits can I expect when I visit Chicago Children’s Museum?

Chicago Children’s Museum offers 50% off general admission for up to 6 people for members of participating reciprocal institutions. All other benefits, including discounted Navy Pier parking, are offered only to Chicago Children’s Museum’s members.

How many names can I have on my membership?

Your membership can have the names of up to 2 adults. However, we can include up to 3 additional names in your database record for caregivers for an additional fee. We recommend that you submit the names of the 2 adults who will use the membership cards most often as the primary adults on the membership. If a caregiver not listed on the membership card visits a reciprocal museum, a staff member at the reciprocal museum can call our Membership Desk at (312) 464-7678 to confirm the validity of the membership.

I gave someone a gift membership. When does it go into effect?

Gift memberships begin on the date of purchase and will expire 1 or 2 years from that date.