Playing With Numbers

The application for PWN 2019-20 is now closed.

Designed by Chicago Children’s Museum’s education experts, Playing with Numbers provides teachers with engaging instructional strategies to introduce, reinforce, and deepen understanding of grade-level math concepts through innovative classroom activities, math work stations, and children’s literature. 

PWN is adaptable. 

Playing with Numbers has opened my eyes up to many different strategies and instruction that I would have never dreamed of trying.” 

- Ashley Blume, kindergarten teacher, PWN alum 

PWN is cohort-based. 

“Allowing me to collaborate with teachers outside my building has really impacted my teaching and my students. I’ve come up with different ways to approach lessons and different ways to teach things that I would have never used before.” 

- Constance Cosmas, 1st grade teacher, PWN alum 

PWN sees the classroom through teachers’ eyes—and their students. 

“Using more play in the classrooms has allowed my kids to see that math is everywhere—it’s not just when we’re sitting down using the paper and pencil.” 

-Heather Murphy, kindergarten teacher, PWN alum 

PWN offers 3 levels of professional development: 

Level 1: Learn 

In PWN 1, teachers build a deep understanding of early math concepts and best practices.  Learn more about PWN level 1.

Level 2: Implement 

In PWN 2, teachers who have successfully completed PWN 1 deepen their understanding and customize materials to their classrooms’ unique needs. Through collaboration and reflection, participants sustain their learning from PWN 1 and set new, challenging goals for their classrooms.   Learn more about PWN level 2.

Level 3: Expand 

In PWN 3, teachers who have successfully completed PWN 1 and 2 bring playful math learning into their students’ homes. Participants will focus on family engagement in early math, build a library of take-home activities and resources, and develop an in-school math night.  Learn more about PWN level 3.